Well, everyone, it’s the one year mark for Simply Party!

We never could have envisioned what the past year had in store for us. It amazes us how much our little mom & pop mom business has grown, changed, grown again and, you guessed it, changed again! Our desire was to go into business with a plan, a strategy, a knowledge of how we’d “do” things, and now we can go back and giggle at the ludocracy of it all but revel in how these best-laid plans got us exactly where we stand today–two girls loving a good party and having the courage to make a business of it!

Whether it was enduring the detox involved from ending a love affair with Days of Our Lives and excessive crafting addictions, sacrificing hours of our lives in the name of craft glue research, or trolling the blogosphere and Pinterest for hours on end to find awe-inspiring touches sure to wow a two-year old crowd at a birthday party…we’d do it all again!

Here we go…into the second year. We are so excited to see what unfolds–I mean, we never could have seen Pinterest coming a year ago, but while we love Pinterest we cannot afford any more Internet time drains!

SO, what better way to launch into the second year than by launching our new blog!! No plans. No strategies. No plans this go round…OK, we lie. There might be a few ideas rolling around in our heads. But in the mean time, we’ll just see how it goes.

Surprise us.

Oh, and as a token of our gratitude for following us on this journey, how about a little something for Halloween–the holiday that started it for us in the first place!