Of course my son would be assigned “Line Leader” on Halloween. And also be responsible for the class snack. No ordinary graham crackers and grapes would do, so I searched my favorite resource, Pinterest, for some inspiration. I narrowed it down to a few, then let my son pick which one he wanted. Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats it was!

While these are a cute Halloween treat, I thought these would be the perfect kid-friendly (& food allergy friendly ;o)) Thanksgiving dessert you could make with your kids!

Follow the recipe on the side of the Rice Krispies box, and add in some orange food coloring once your marshmallows have melted (hint: add a few more drops than you think because the color gets a bit diluted once you mix with the cereal- I’ll do that next time!).  Instead of putting into a casserole dish & cutting into squares, just form them into pumpkin-ish shaped balls.  Add a Tootsie Roll (which are also food allergy friendly… sensing a theme here?!) for the “stem” and some green decorating gel (you could use green frosting instead, but I was too lazy!) to make leaves and vines.

To make them look cute for your holiday display, just put them on a cake stand and add some ribbon to match your decor.  These would also be cute on the place settings at the “kids’ table.”  Look precious & takes very little effort.  But your guests don’t have to know!