What do you get when you combine scrapbook paper + paper mache numbers + mod podge? A “Wow! How’d you do that?” table decoration!

More often than not people are stumped on how to add a little wow factor to their table decor that doesn’t take a great amount of crafting skill. We have found that a really simple way to do this is with the paper mache letters you can find at your local crafting store. We find ours at Joanne’s in San Antonio, but they can also be purchased online through Hobby Lobby. And once you add a little scrapbook paper and mod podge, you have a fabulous way to add some punch! to your tables. For the super-motivated, add a little rosette and button embellishment.

Numbers aren’t the only option; letter monograms for baby showers and bridal showers would also be a super cute idea for the food table or sign in table! Even better, you can give them to the guest(s) of honor when the party is over.

If you’re thinking….”Hmmm, I don’t have any idea how to pull this off,” lucky for you photographer Sarah Ortega has provided a super-easy tutorial on how to make your own letter/number table decor.

Can you think of any other clever ways to use this idea?