All too often we as moms (with our trusty friend Pinterest) have the intent of hand-making something clever for class parties, but all too often life just gets in the way and we end up scrambling to throw something in a backpack at the last minute–guilty as charged here!

But have you ever trolled the toy aisle at your local dollar store (Dollar tree happens to be our favorite!)? Ideas abound…from birthday parties to class parties we challenge you NOT to find something that can be “upcycled” into something that looks like you slaved away.

At a whopping $1 a piece, these giant slappy hands (that’s a technical term by the way) never fail to please a crowd of kids–just stand back when they get going! Throw them into a cello bag with a sticker from our 2012 Valentine’s Stickers and Tag Collection and you can distribute your Valentine with pride!