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Well, don’t blink because Easter is almost here and there are only nine days until Spring is here! We’re looking forward to the great spring weather outside with our families and one of our guilty pleasures…Peeps!

We’ve had people asking for a few ideas for Easter treats and our Personalized Easter Tags, so we thought we’d share this very quick, very easy, and very yummy Easter goody. Apparently so yummy that within 30 seconds of this Peep “photoshoot,” my son has run off with the prop and eaten it!

To make this cute little goody, all it takes is a straw/wooden dowel/lollipop stick, three peeps, ribbon, tag, and a cello bag. The rest is pretty self explanatory–just slide each peep on to the straw/dowel, lollipop stick, cover in a cell bag, and tie a ribbon and tag on! Easy peasy.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of our Easter tags, click away here! If you love this idea for using Peeps, pin it for us!