Now that you have all run out to collect the “Meat and Potatoes” of your party decor arsenal, lets get to the fun part- the “Icing and Fluff!”

It doesn’t take much to take your simple party staples from boring to fun and coordinated with your theme.  Here are our favorite ways to bring your food serving table all together (and budget friendly, of course!):

  1. Table Set Up

So we all now have several white table cloths in our stash and have banned the nasty, wrinkled plastic table cloths forever, right?!  Our favorite way to customize the look is with wrapping paper.  There are so many great colors and patterns available at the stores you frequent.  Our favorites come from Target and Hobby Lobby!  And at less than $5 a roll, very budget friendly!

You can also use an inexpensive fabric.  I don’t sew, so the iron-on hem tape is my best friend! {side note- this is also a great way to make custom designer drapes without the huge price tag of having them custom made!}

2. Serving Pieces

Like we talked about, white square dinner plates are our favorite pieces to display food (or party favors!).  Super affordable and so easily customized!  Again, we love using wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to personalize the piece.  It ties your party together perfectly!

Another favorite staple for serving are mason jars for cups!  You can find these by the case at the grocery for less than $10 and can reuse them over and over!  (they are also a great vessel for gift giving… maybe a post on that in the future?!)  Here, we customized our jars with fabric scraps and a cute paper straw!

3. Containers

Truth be told, I don’t know that I have ever gone out to buy one of my glass vases!  I have saved vases over the years (from when my darling husband used to buy me flowers!) and just accumulated a collection some how.  But if you do need to buy some, Hobby Lobby has some basic shapes at very affordable prices- when are they not 50% off?!

Easiest way to personalize your jars?  Ribbon and a party sticker!  Love this simple look and it ties all the decor together!

If you are using an apothecary jar with a lid, use the ribbon on the lid (you don’t have to  tie a bow; a simple knot looks great too!).  Embellish with a sticker or table label, or keep the jar itself plain- let the goodies inside be your decor!  Here we dressed up our drink dispenser.

All images courtesy of Simply Party

Are you catching a theme here?  No matter what jar, vase, plate, platter, box, whatever you are using, a great way to customize them are by using ribbon, fabric, patterned paper and personalized stickers.

What ways do you customize your party decor?  Do you reuse your serving pieces for every party?  We would love to hear your ideas!

Because we get asked so frequently, here are a few of our favorite vendors for the “icing and fluff!”

Shop Sweet Lulu– most everything you can imagine from twine, patterned sacks, balloons, paper straws, and the list goes on!

Jilly Bean Kids– fun packaging, straws, washi tape, etc.- lots of super cute goodies to be found!

Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Joann, etc.- any of your local craft stores have a great assortment of patterned scrapbook papers and ribbons; if you shop with coupons or sales days, you can stock up for next to nothing!